Edible Information

Cannabis edibles are food or beverages infused with cannabis. You no longer have to smoke cannabis to get high, but instead enjoy it in your favourite snack.

How to make cannabis edibles 

If you do decide to make your own edibles you will need to buy flower, grind it, and then decarboxylate it. This is an important step as it activates the cannabinoids, THC and CBD. You can then incorporate the flower into your baking batter, tea, butter, or any other food or beverage. 

Dosing of edibles 

A common mistake people make is not waiting for the effects to kick in, they get impatient and end up taking too much at one time. It can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours for the full effect of the edible to kick in. This is because the cannabis is going through your digestive tract before getting to your bloodstream. So, give it some time !!

The strength of THC and CBD can be determined according to its measurement in milligrams (mg). You can use this as a guide to know the minimum and more importantly, the maximum amount of cannabinoids you should be taking. 

We suggest that if you are new to consuming edibles that you start with 2mg of THC or if choosing CBD-only edibles, start with 10mg. 

Always make sure you are buying cannabis from a reputable dispensary like us, to ensure that the potency is accurate. 

Different kinds of cannabinoids 

THC (tetrahydrocannabinol)

If a psychoactive high is what you’re searching for, look no further than a THC edible. Your experience can be euphoric, for pain relief and/or to stimulate a creative mind state. However, some people can experience anxiety, rapid heart-rate and confusion. 

CBD (cannabidiol)

For a calm and relaxed vibe, go with a CBD edible.  CBD doesn’t usually cause an intoxicating feeling, but research suggests it, too, may help ease arthritis symptoms as well as reduce inflammation.  It’s also better at addressing anxiety than THC is.

THC & CBD combination  

Take a balanced approach with a THC & CBD infused edible. You are less likely to experience the paranoia associated with THC by also having CBD, while still experiencing a high.  Studies show that a combination of THC & CBD together shows the most promise for pain relief.

Benefits of cannabis edibles 

You can get precise doses with edibles compared to the unknown amount you get through smoking a joint and because it goes through your digestive system, you will experience the effects for a longer period of time. This smokeless method is great for those seeking the benefits of cannabis but can’t inhale.  

Edibles can help treat anxiety management, relaxation and chronic pain. If you struggle with sleepless nights, CBD has been seen to help aid insomnia.

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