Concentrate Information

Concentrates are made by distilling parts of the cannabis plant that contains cannabinoids and the terpenes (what gives cannabis its flavour and aroma). Concentrations of cannabis come in a variety of forms that can all be used differently. They are commonly produced as tinctures, capsules, vaporizer cartridges, hash, shatter & oils. 

Difference between cannabis concentrate and extract 

Extracts are made when a certain type of concentrate is mixed with a solvent to pull out its flavour. Concentrates can be made without solvents, which is how we get rosin, dry sift, and kief. 

Ways to consume cannabis concentrate 

You can consume cannabis concentrates by dabbing. Dabbing is where you heat up a concentrated form of cannabis to where it vaporizes and you can inhale it. 

Concentrates can be used in many forms including vape pens, tinctures, topicals and edibles. 

Textures of concentrates 

It may help to understand the different textures and physical forms that cannabis concentrate can take. 


Shatter is brittle and glass-like, it breaks off easily and has a golden yellow colour. 

Budder & badder

These are more oily and soft, similar to butter or cake batter (hence the names). They can be molded and be spread onto joints or used in a dab rig. 


More brittle than budder and badder but not quite as brittle as shatter, it is crumbly with a honeycomb consistency. It has a matte finish similar to budder. 


While it uses the same extraction method as shatter, it takes on a very different form and texture. It has a wet and sugary texture.


As the name suggests, it’s a viscous and sticky concentrate with a wide colour palette from deep amber to bright yellow. 


Resembling a coarse sugar, crystalline can be in the form of small rocks to a powder. 

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